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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Israeli Airline El Al Gets Good Press!

You may not believe it, but Israeli Airline, El Al, got fantastic press this week when brandrepublic.com's blog "the campaign" did a piece on Israeli airline security.

The piece was arty and semi-poetic as all of Dave Trott's blog posts are, making it accessible, easy to read, authoritative, but also somewhat irritating.  Despite the over dramatic line breaks, I have to give it to Dave Trott, El Al actually comes out looking good.

I, personally, hate flying El Al.  I don't care how safe I am from terrorists...El Al flights are nearly always packed with large, whiny Israeli families and pushy Brooklyn Jews with babies- and any flight filled with babies is bound to be a sleepless flight. So, I avoid the Israeli national airline like the plague.

However, for those who prefer babies over terrorists, Dave Trott makes a good case.
So, the next time you are flying to the Middle East, consider El Al, the only airline that makes sure their employees feel that their jobs are their lives.  For serious.

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