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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Americans who don't know sh#$t about Israel.

I know these things are always edited to showcase the dumbest of the dumb...but really?!  I mean, seriously?

Watch this and you will feel smart.

These college kids must have killed all of their brain cells doing bong hits and keg stands at some crazy frat party.


  1. its quite ethnocentric to think that all college kids should know about Israel.... what makes israel so special? Now, if they have a political opinion and they still dont know then its a problem

  2. Ture. I don't think that all college kids should know everything about Israel. But, I still think that this is a funny video- if you have a sense of humor about things.

    Also, if you read the newspaper every once in a while, you should know at least a little bit. And any girl who is hoping to go into International Relations should have an idea of who "Hammas" is.

    Moreover, this is also a questionnaire about the Middle East in general. Most of these kids think that Iran is a democracy. This is a travesty.


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