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Friday, July 23, 2010

Is the Israeli government turning Fascist?!

I thought it was a simple case of "lost in translation" when I heard that an Israeli Arab man was arrested and convicted of rape after having consensual sex with a woman. It turns out, I got the Hebrew 100% right.  The man was arrested for rape after having consensual sex.

The story goes like this.  Sabbar met an Israeli woman in downtown Jerusalem and allegedly told her that he was a "Jewish bachelor seeking a serious relationship".  Only minutes later they were copulating in a building nearby.  Then Sabbar left.

Somehow the woman "found out" that Sabbar was not Jewish, and when that happened the sh*t hit the fan. She took him to court, claiming rape. (No one asked him if he would be willing to convert.)

Granted, Sabbar is married with two children and did mislead the woman, this somehow wasn't a big issue in the trial.  And according to Sabbar, she was looking for some action.  He said that while he was leaving a supermarket, some woman in her 20s started to chat with him.  "I would say she set upon me," Sabbar Said, "She was interested in my motorcucle and so we talked.  I didn't pretend.  I said my name is Dudu because that's how everbody knows me.  My wife even calls me that."

Oh! So she assumed he was Jewish because of his name?! Anyway, it doesn't sound like she was that picky.  I have a feeling the conversation went something like this:

woman: "Hey hot stuff..  I like your motorcycle.  It's really sexy"
Sabbar: "Uh, You talking to me?
woman: "Yeah, that's right baby.  Vvvrrooom."
Sabbar: "--"
woman: "I'm x"
Sabbar: "I'm Dudu."
woman: " You know, I'm so lonely these days.  I haven't had sex in years."
Sabbar: "mm."
woman: " I mean, I'm just looking for a man right now who might be able to, you know, fill my needs."
Sabbar: "Hmm, is that right?"
woman: "You know it.--You don't, by any chance, happen to be a bachelor looking for a serious relationship?"

And there you have it.

According to an article posted by Haaretz, the decision was based on a precedent from 2008 in which a man was convicted for rape after he impersonated a senior official in the Housing Ministry and he would get them housing in exchange for sex.

I do see the two cases as being completely different.  I mean, this impostor sounds like a freaking rapist who specifically told them misleading information to bargain for quickie.  It's more like prostitution really- I mean the housing was supposed to be some kind of payment, no?

This Sabbar sounds like your average guy who was approached by a chic that just wanted a roll in the hay.  What, does a man have to fill out a questionnaire for a woman every time he wants to sleep with her?  If this woman really cared about Sabbar's background, she wouldn't have had sex with him only minutes after meeting him.

Justice Elyakim Rubinstein was quoted as saying that a man should be convicted of rape any time he "does not tell the truth regarding critical matters to a reasonable woman, and as a result of misrepresentation she has sexual relations with him."

He went on to say that one should imagine whether a regular person would expect said woman to sleep with said man if he wasn't what he said he was.  

I'm wondering now what happens to men who tell women that they are good at basket ball, math, science- whatever, and then in the morning, it turns out they suck at it.  Can the women, then accuse him of rape?

What is the world coming to?

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