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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tel Aviv in the Top 10 Again!

PhotoCredit: Via TimeOutTelAviv English Edition, by Ronsho

Tel Aviv has been making it into the Top Ten of so many lists, it's no surprise that Forbes blogger Beth Greenfield awarded it the #2 City in the World for "Most Celebrated Sunsets".

The sunsets here seriously breathtaking- spreading pinks, oranges and deep yellows across the skies and waves of the Mediterranean, and welcoming the moonrise's silvery rays.

Tel Aviv sunsets are  so beautiful that when I first moved here I decided it was worth it to working my ass off like a mad-women as a hostess and waitress at an unbelievably busy restaurant on the Tel Aviv port, because it gave me the chance to watch the sunset and sunrise over the shore every day. And it really was worth it.

So while I'm boasting Tel Aviv's awesomeness to all ya'll like a drunk, child-obsessed soccer-mom, let me hang Tel Aviv's most recent awards on the refrigerator wall of my blog:
And, if we're talking about how Tel Aviv ranks in comparison to the rest of Israel, its north-most beach ranked as one of the best in the country!

Take a look at the sweet shot of a Tel Aviv Sunset below and tell me Ms. Greenfield isn't spot on!

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