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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Israeli Writer Etgar Keret to Live in Tiny Capsule

PhotoCredit: Thehairpin

It has been designed and decided.
Famous Israeli writer, Etgar Keret is going to live in a tiny white capsule art installation that doubles as a house in Warsaw. They're calling it Keret house.

The entire thing looks like the epitome of style and fashion-
unequivocally cool, but terribly uncomfortable.

Take a look at the design below.

Photos via Architecturedaily
Yup, if you read the blueprint closely enough, you'll have noticed that this already thin house is a freakin 28.3 inches at its thinnest! That's like what I like to pretend my waistline is.

Apparently the house will feature a remote control operated staircase as seen above and sewage mechanisms inspired by boat designs, while all of the electricity will be routed from one of the adjacent buildings.

The house will live right there, in that little cranny

They start building the steel-frame body with concrete cloth before draping it with white paint inside and out in September. Let's make sure that Mr. Keret starts his no-carb diet as soon as possible.

via gizmodo and the hairpin

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  1. Hope it gets painted orange and then Keret house will have another meaning!


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