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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Video: Tel Aviv Purim Madness 2011

Purim always marks the beginning of springtime and summer festivities as the weather gets warmer and the parties star moving outside. But this year, Tel Aviv's Purim celebrations were especially numerous and especially exciting with so many wonderful costumes wandering the streets, hopping the bars and decorating sidewalks all over town.

The Purim holiday - which officially fell on Saturday evening, March 19th and lasted through Sunday evening, March 21st (with Shushan Purim on Monday March 22nd)- seemed to extend over the entire week, with parties beginning on Thursday evening and continuing all the way through Monday.

Wait, scratch that- they are still going on! (Who's going to the Desert Ashram Galactic Purim Rave with me this coming weekend?!)

And with such energy and vibrancy shining this Purim (and with the fantastic weather we've been having) it would be a shame not to share some of the extraordinary funness of the week.

So, I put together a short video of the costume fever and party madness that overtook Tel Aviv this weekend and hope you enjoy!


  1. Thanks for posting! I enjoyed watching the video to get a sense of what Purim looks like in Tel Aviv.


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