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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Israeli Beer Fills Our Cups: Beer 2011

While Israelis do enjoy their alcohol, and Israeli wine has successfully broken into the international market,  Israeli beer, specifically Israeli micro-brews, are a relatively new phenomenon. Beer in Israel has arrived only recently as a fashionable gustatory interest, but it has caught on extremely quick.

My first introduction to Israeli micro brews was Dancing Camel, a brewery which was founded in the early 90's by David Cohen, an American who had experience brewing up beers Stateside before he picked up and moved to Israel. While Dancing Camel has been around for a while in bars like the Minzar and the Armadillo, only recently has it felt a boom in popularity.

Yes, I like free beer.
It was about two years ago when I began to notice bars popping up around Tel Aviv promising an especially wide selection of international beers.  The Norma Jean was one of the first "boutique" beer bars with a large variety of Belgian beers and unique European beers on tap.  Then came places like Stern-1 Bar with beers from various regions of the world on tap.

Now the Israeli micro brew seems to be coming into its own and imported beers from around the world are making their mark.

Here are some pics below from a recent Beer in Israel festival at the Nokia center in Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv.
Check it.

Sam Adams in Israel- on TAP!

Bucket o' Sam Adams

HaDoobim is a brand new, very cool and youthfully designed Israeli micro-brew

French style pear cider. It is yummy.
Very cool bottle holder
Palestinian wheat beer micro brew
Don't ask me what this beer is called- the best thing about it was its crazy-shaped bottle

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  1. Israeli beer gets me all sorts of excited. I visited the בזלת brewery in the Golan. I wasn't that impressed to be honest, and their prices are astronomical.

    I really want to try negev - I hear it's pretty good. But to be honest, some of the dancing camel varieties I've tasted still beat out all the other Israeli micro-brews.


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