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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tel Aviv: The Start Up City

Tel Aviv has always been known for the beaches, the beautiful women and the great weather, but recently it's made its way into the lime-light as a start-up capital of the world.

By 2010, Wired magazine had labeled Tel Aviv as one of the "Hottest Start Up Capitals", pooling it with top European picks rather than Asian picks. Why? Well,  because "Tel Aviv is a hotbed of innovation, and so is included in our European Startups list to interpret Europe in a broad, Eurovision-type way."

What a compliment! And, well, its true. As Wired says, the combination of chutzpa, military innovation, education and easy networking, all key ingredients to a great start up, are what keep the start-ups multiplying.

And Wired isn't the only one tooting our horn. Recently the Globe and Mail ranked Tel Aviv the most creative city in the world. That's right, TLV landed the #1 prize.

What is their reasoning? Well, they boiled it down to stats and sums using what they refer to as a "Global Creativity Index" to measure technology, talent and tolerance.  And Tel Aviv happened to win out everyone. As Israelity.com notes in their write-up about the Globe and Mail article, "The article itself is a whopping 21 pages; Israel takes up the first four." Yeah, that's right. Israel freakin' ate everyone else for breakfast and then licked the plate.

But what I loved more than all is this adorable video directed by Oded Eliasi highlighting the creativity and opportunity in Tel Aviv. Check it out!


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