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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Israel, Tel Aviv and Sweet Gay Lovin

Photo Credit: Noveciento
 It's important to keep in mind that while the rest of the world might see Israel as some conservative, racist war-zone, the amount of gay lovin that goes on here has got to prove them wrong.  At least to some extent.

I already touched upon this is my blog post about Healthcare and the LGBTQ community in which I posted three adverts for Clalit healthcare directed by Adi Halfin, but i didn't go so far as to make a video about it.

No, I left that to the professionals at "Size Doesn't Matter", the a Canadian Israeli advocacy group that I have grown to love.  After their previous video highlighting the immeasurable awesomeness of the Tel Aviv nightlife and starring comedian extraordinaire Benji Lovitt, they've come out with a new, short clip - more like an ad, I guess, that sets out to remind the world that when it comes to LGBTQs, Israel is almost shockingly liberal.

Take a look:

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