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Saturday, March 20, 2010

World of Judaica: Your One Stop Shop for Jewish News, Jewish Humor and Jewish Education

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The new hotsite for Jewish news, Jewish humor and Jewish education is here.  Please welcome the World of Judaica website.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is a site that I believe you should make time to visit- and if you like it, save it in your favorites...that's what I did.


Well, I'll tell you why. First off, it's extremely informative.Chock full of articles about everything you didn't know anything about such as Etrog&Lulav sets, Brass Menorahs, and Business Blessings, World of Judaica's information is surprisingly easy to navigate, to-the-point, and super-educational.   It's a great resource for anyone who wants to know a bit more about the Jewish holidays, Jewish rituals or traditional Jewish jewelry and garb. I mean, even some of my Jewish Educator friends are reading this stuff.

Second, their blog "Oy Vey" is hands down...hillarious.  You MUST check it out.  Seriously. While it's definitely male-centric, and somewhat religious, the posts are witty, clever, short, and they cover well, pretty much everything. One of my favorite posts is by writer RafiF who rambles on about the horrifying, yet exhilarating experience of watching his wife give birth to their first baby.

Finally, their Jewish News section is also a great place to get your updates. While I wouldn't stay that their news articles are 100% neutral, the World of Judaica Jewish News team certainly covers the big stories and the side stories...with a focus on Israel.  I've already bookmarked in my browser and check their articles weekly.

So, if you are looking for a place to get some good, interesting and informative Jewish info,check out World of Judaica.  I think it has some serious potential. 

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