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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How much is out there?

I'm constantly overwhelmed by how much is out there. There's so much out there. One thing that I abhor is being asked what my favorite "this" or favorite "that" is. I get nervous telling people that I'm doing a masters degree in English Literature because the follow up response is always " Oh! Well, what's your area of expertise? Who's your favorite author? Favorite poet?" I never know how to answer them. Favorite? You mean of all of the authors that have ever authored, I'm supposed to choose one as being "the best in my book" and then I'm supposed to defend my decision? I haven't even read enough or lived enough to make an educated choice regarding a "favorite" anything!
I mean, when people say that their favorite food is grilled cheese, and they know everything about grilled cheese, but they've never tried any other food, how can that even be a valid opinion? Well, I know a little about a fair amount of topics, which makes me feel like I have absolutely no valid opinion on anything.
The only time I can ever seem to summon the guts to have an opinion is when I'm talking to someone face to face- usually for the first time. When I introduce myself to someone, I'm typically very clear on who I am and what I believe. I can easily contrast myself to my first impression of them. In fact, my instinctual reaction towards them completely dictates my own behavior and my own understanding of myself.
Sometimes I disgust myself.
Other times, I surprise myself.

My follow up question is whether or not this explosion of stuff out there is a product of media technology, or whether it has always been this way. It must be a product of technology. Of writing, publishing, recording and broadcasting technologies. Everything just seems so complicated. Everything is so overwhelming. I mean, how can anything ever get done. How can one person be credited for anything when any accomplishment seems to require at least one or two helping hands to get the goddamn thing done in the first place?

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